Discipline Equals Self Confidence And Growth

Discipline Equals Self Confidence And Growth

When I choose the more difficult option between relaxing and choosing to better myself, of course the outcome is going to be more beneficial. I find that each and every time I am more disciplined to my goals and to what I actually want to accomplish, I automatically feel better. The most important aspect of overall life is feeling good first. When you feel good first, good things attract and good things will come to you.

Although, this can only happen if you decide to create discipline. Discipline isn’t always easy, every morning I get up and of course my first reaction is to check my phone notifications. When I check my notifications, I’m giving in to my inner weakness and it does nothing but lower my will power and overall self-discipline. Therefore, when I act out of checking my notifications and simply glance at my phone, it makes me stronger. Since I resisted to my temptation in the more we resist your temptation to stronger we will be the next time.



Creating discipline is similar to building a wall. You build a wall up each and every time you make a decision that can make you stronger or weaker and you know what will make you stronger or weaker intrinsically. For example, when you are first building a wall it cannot stop a river dam flowing with water. However after a matter of time with building this wall, you will create additional stability and infrastructure.  

If you’re able to create this type of analogy within your mind with each and every decision that you make in a day-to-day basis, it will change your life forever. Consistently remind yourself to make that wall stronger and to do the things that make you uncomfortable because they will make you the best you in the long run, isn’t that what we all want at the end of the day? To be the best that we can be? Some say yes, some say no. Just know that this is how true self-confidence is built as well. We plan to read that book, to write in the journal, or to meditate. We know we should, but just because we know we should do something, doesn’t mean we EVER do it.

There of been times in my life where I think about doing something every single day several times a day, and I still never took the action that was in my head. The war inside your head is the one that builds the great wall. Be strong and stay resilient, and you’ll achieve greatness in only a matter of time.

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